What makes a Mr.VIDEO a top class tenant?

  1. Mr.VIDEO is a household brand and the undisputed leader in the Home Entertainment Industry in Southern Africa.
  2. New franchisees are pre-selected and initial and ongoing training is supplied as well as on-site support.
  3. New franchisees must cover the initial capital investment with at least 60% unencumbered funds to prevent them from being cash strapped right from the start.
  4. Our franchisees are further backed up by our national and regional support structure which has the sole purpose to build and protect our mutual benefits.
  5. Our Head Office and Cape Regional office is located in Bellville with another regional office located in Johannesburg.  Each equipped with regional managers and field consultants as to provide on-site support for our franchisees.
  6. Mr.VIDEO is a proven and solid business concept and our stores draw valuable feet to any centre.  Rent and return ensures a double visit to the store.
  7. Our proven track record , sustainability, service excellence, persistent market dominance and formidable growth, not only makes us a very attractive choice for potential investors but excellent tenants, offering landlords the prospect of secure and long term lease agreements.
  8. We also pride ourselves to the fact that many other businesses, especially the fast food outlets choose to be as close as possible to a Mr.VIDEO, in an attempt to share in the expected customer base, even going so far as to change their business hours to coincide with ours.


The demand for a Mr.VIDEO franchise is such that we are constantly looking for new sites.

Landlords and Developers are invited to contact clinton@mrvideo.co.za