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Click on any of the following links to find out more about Mr.VIDEO from a corporate perspective. Mr.VIDEO is the largest movie rental business in Southern Africa and our experience in the home entertainment industry will guide you along the road to owning your own successful Mr.VIDEO store.

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Welcome to the Leaders in the Video Rental Industry in Southern Africa.

We take immense pride in our 25 year track record, our achievements and we are totally confident of our continued success, the prosperity of our brand and business concept. 

Mr.VIDEO was launched in March 1994 in Claremont, Cape Town by Mr. Peter Scott, our Executive Chairman.  It rapidly became the fastest growing video rental group and Peter’s passion and ideas have forever changed and revolutionised the business. We currently have more than  50 outlets nationwide.

A Mr.VIDEO franchise remains one of the most popular franchise options due to the relatively low initial investment, the ease of running the business and the good return on investment.  Franchisees are backed by an experienced support structure consisting of dedicated head office and regional teams, with mobile field consultants to supply on-site support.  Franchisees meet monthly at the regional offices where new product is discussed as well as any other information of mutual benefit.  We offer our franchisees a long term business relationship built on strong and tested principles.

The Mr.VIDEO store is designed with the customer in mind.  The look and feel has been carefully developed to extrude warmth, vibrancy, approachability and customer interaction.  Our success story can further be attributed to the fact that we keep close tabs on economical, technological and market changes.  We stay in touch with the ever-changing customer demand and our customers can rest assure that we will keep them entertained for years to come.

We take serious notice of the very valuable input received from our franchisees as well as our customers.  This combined team effort gives us the competitive edge and keeps us alert and ready for the challenges ahead. 

We have every intention to remain the leaders in the industry.

Are you ready to lead with us?